• Challenges
  • The Internal Warrior

    You hear grunts, growls, war cries. Clad with protective wear, face paint, weapons, grimacing, leaning forward, anticipating the moment of attack. The outward appearance and behavior gives you all the clues you need to assume someone might be a warrior, right? But what about the underappreciated warrior sitting right there inside of you? The one pretty much no […]

  • Hope
  • Bright Fresh Start

    2016 was thrilling, life-changing and quite honestly, a little freaky and heart breaking at times. My head and heart have warped into shapes and sizes I didn’t know were possible. I’m telling ya, this religion course I have been teaching has my chest cavity rearranged and filled with light. My vision clear, my mind calm, and my body healed. […]

  • Change
  • Holy Smokes

    Gee wiz to the moon, Alice. This poor album has been through the wring. er. I tell you what. In terms of making concrete plans and promises, let’s be all done with that, shall we? Each time I make a plan, it seems that God has a different (and much better one) for me. Recently, after […]

  • New Album
  • Saturday Sunrise

    We are so completely over waiting, right? Thanks stupid dummy head cancer and moving up and down and all around and overseas to put a minor bump in the road. Pshaw! But now, my friends,  it’s finally time to announce the new album! The new album Saturday Sunrise will be released very soon! Some of the pieces were written in […]